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COOKING FORUM pricing of catering for 50: spanish tapas/no alcohol

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I’m helping out a good friend (and hopefully getting some exposure for a new biz) and offered to cater her ‘green’ mixer for approx 50 peeps.  Will be held around dinner time, appetizers only, no booze. Lot’s of tree-huggers, architects, alternative housing design/builders, solar, etc.  i would be happy to break even on the food and supplies cost.  Questions:  How many types of appetizers should there be? Number of servings per person? Would 3 types of desserts be sufficient? I plan on serving a mostly vegetarian menu ~ perhaps w/skewered chicken breast and chorizo as the only meat offerings (nothing that needs chafing dishes either).  Will have tapas such as marinated olives/feta, fried chick peas, 2 or 3 types of hummus w/breads, veggies/dip, spiced nuts, fruit/cheese platters, brownies/cookies.  Non-alcoholic sangria if I can find a good recipe.  We want to charge an admission fee and need it to cover the food/paper goods cost (anything over that goes to me)  Anyone have a rough estimate on what the food cost might be (this event is being held in southern Arizona) ~ this will help determine how much to charge for tickets.  Thank you so much!!

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COOKING FORUM pricing of catering for 50: spanish tapas/no alcohol
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