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BOH & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT FORUM How to Handle Difficult Customers

Thumb_378779_255885201130433_100001268660709_771686_1862270957_n Jenny Dalan 4 posts

One of Cookwork’s featured article talks about customer service on how to handle difficult customers.  Business without customers is like chocolates without the choco. Unfortunately, like chocolates, customers vary in difficulty. We all, at least once, had handled customers that are: yelling, argues, complain, never satisfied and those that are looking for more freebies.

Have you faced such situation? How did you deal with them?

This is the article that I’m talking about: Customer Service: How To Handle Difficult Customers

Thumb_379935_2774793497883_1499457218_2922165_171145264_n Porcelina1023 47 posts

First and foremost I want to agree that there are some customers that no matter what you do you will never satisfy them.  I deal with customers everyday from my catering customers to the ones that come into the cafe.  yes the customer is always right, but i say to an extent.  they also have to learn to stop acting like children and sometimes you won’t get your way cause sometimes it’s a majority concept and unless its a restuarant or catering You wont get your way.  I usally do the killing with kindness and sometimes give them what they want if it can be done without complicating the budget that my superiors set for me.  mind you I am Corparte dining.  but when the request are too much I always take them to my boss. but because I have a rotating menu and manuver most request each week for diffrent stations.  Plus if they are diva request i kindly refer them to catering where there is no choice but to fullfill request.

Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

What I have learned over the years is this: there are very good reasons why Back-of-House and Front-of House are separated in restaurant settings! It is much better for the customer not to be confronted with the chef and it takes professionals to deal with customers. Of course, when I started my own catering business I had to do both; and honestly: I was not up fot the game on the long run. I am a chef, not a salesperson. And I am not even talking ‘difficult’ customers. Difficult only exists for those who are not prepared or euqipped to deal with customer demands. I know, there are some customers out there, who are simply ‘bad news’. But most situations could be resolved, if the right people were in place to deal with the demands of the customer. Like with so many things in this business, often there is a lack of professionalism on our side—we should be self critical enough to face this.

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BOH & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT FORUM How to Handle Difficult Customers
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