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Thumb_6494_1090089054099_1282665243_30237887_257106_n-1 Sunshine Est... 35 posts

With the recent trend in QSR, food chains can now offer consumers globally-inspired dishes in a very affordabl price. QSRs can operate with minimal number of staff — they could even operate without a chef!

Could this mean a higher unemployed professional chefs?

Thumb_jonas_m_luster jluster 35 posts

There is NO such thing as an unemployed chef. Chef is a job description that’s given to cooks that oversee brigades. If they’re unemployed, they’re unemployed cooks. And even then, there’s no such thing, either. There’s always a job running prep or washing dishes somewhere. The older brigades know that. I spent more than one spell washing dishes in one restaurant four nights, cleaning restaurants two other nights, and flipping breakfast on weekends just to get by until something better lined up. Heck I went to dishwasher from Michelin star restaurant Sous Chef and back to GM rated Sous Chef in the span of nine months in 2006. My colleagues who were too fine to strap on an apron and wash dishes really suffered – I just spent the time observing another kitchen, learning, and listening to ebooks on string theory and quantum mechanics while doing realtively easy work for a while. 

More technology is good. That just means all those sub-par culinary school garduates get to move on and follow the next big thing instead of working hospitality. Good, old school, chefs and cooks will never be unemployed or lack jobs to go to.

Thumb_063 blacksheep 87 posts

@jluster: Thank you! You need to explain this thougt to others around the site. I was laid off the day after 9/11 w/ a check that didn’t cover my morgage. It however took me almost 3 months to find a job. I was at the point of Mickey D’s for work. I fought against other Chef’s for a server job. You do what you have to work. I couldn’t at the time find a job against out of work Exec Chefs and Pastry Chefs looking for basic work in a restaurant. What do you do? Dig in and make it happen. There is not a single Culinary Grad who would stoop to this level. Sad! You move foward and take care of business. One of the Best parts of being a Chef is that you learn all the time! You learn every day you work! For that matter, you learn more on a day off. Cheers!


Icon_missing_thumb toddjell 5 posts

I have to agree with Black sheep and jiluster. A Chef is someone that dose what needs to be done in kitchen.  It does not matter if it is washing dishes or jumping on the line to help.

I am going to culinary school and will graduate in ten weeks at work they call me a chef because I run the kitchen but if you ask me I am a cook just because I don’t think I am a chef. I have worked in kitchens for over ten years but I believe that I am not a chef not till I have my own kitchen. But I go to school with people that believe they are too good to wash their own dishes in classes let along in a working kitchen. They are the ones that call them self a chef and the ones that think everyone need to be license. I work with some of the people that I go to school they think they are too good to do anything at work but cook but they can’t even cook run the oven. The guy that says he is a chef could not turn the combo oven on.  I also worked with people that have not gone to culinary school and to me he is a Chef but if you as him he calls himself a cook.

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To me the chefs that call them self a cook and run a kitchen they are the true Chefs that we need more of.

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Thumb_socal%20morning%201-20-2011 campuschef 74 posts

Blacksheep, I feel your pain. but I disagree with you about no culinary grad “stooping to that level”. Having been unemployed by choice (I moved across the country to go take care of my father in law) I took a job driving pizza, graveyard line cook at a truck stop and worked for a landscaping company until I was able to find an exec job in the area. I had two car payments, three kids, a wife and student loans to pay.

Have a little faith in your fellow chefs / cooks regardless of a degree or not. People are people and in this economy, everyone does what they can.

Thumb_063 blacksheep 87 posts

Campuschef. I agree w/ you completely. My statement didn’t quite come out the way I wanted it to. I only speak from the experiences around me. My only point is that people just need to do whatever they have to in difficult times.

Icon_missing_thumb Steven Hicks 21 posts

I think we have had to jump into a temp job at some time in our career, at the end of the day we need to keep the pennys flowing and the coals burning, specialy if we have a family. Any Chef looking for a new position in this day and age has to think about there options, and have some type of back up plan.It might take a little longer than a couple of months to find a good job. The biggest problem is for chefs who works from country to country, they really are on the bread line, Looking for a new job can be hell, I know a couple of chefs went to work in dubai a couple years ago, when got evenry thing fell through, It took then 6 months to find another job. So i agree yes some times you have to dig in and make the best of the situation. But other time you have just ride it out and hope. But all in all A Chef with a job, isn’t a Chef,

He’s a taxi drive, plummer, DIY man. or some else, but one thing is sure i don’t know to many people whom come back into this great indrustry one they got out.



Icon_missing_thumb toddjell 5 posts

I have worked in food for over ten years and left for an engineering job that I worked in for about ten years. I have now left engineering and I am back in the Kitchen. They both have goods and bads but I am much happier in the Kitchen.

Thumb_new4 RachelWhite 8 posts

Working in the field of Culinary Arts can be a rewarding and satisfying career especially if you like to cook. Becoming a chef can actually give you pleasure.

Chefs and cooks usually follow a recipe to prepare and cook all types of foods. They use standard kitchen equipment found in restaurants and other food service establishments. Working as a chef can be a fun career if you’re comfortable working in the kitchen and enjoy cooking. Some more information about this career is mentioned in the following site.

Thumb_acbe9b7f607dc28f1aa7a867a3a_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_czrxaewoc punkangel 1 post

Hi I am a culinary student I  need advice I am looking to be in the kitchen my problem is I been out of the resturant business and in school  Writing my application  is hard because its the dates , closed up jobs(bosses are gone and resturants are no more) I don’t have the skills that jobs want I mean they ask for experince cooks or 2 years . I am  an enter  level cook . How can I get a chef to give me a chance? I go to school but I havent graduated yet I am still working.on it  Any advice how to get back in?( The kitchen I been in other areas but my wish is to be a cook) I want to work in the Casino ( or other if there is another restaurant )they have here in Lemoore . Hope some one replies or I might have to check after class.

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