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New Cookbook Release – Molto Gusto by Mario Batali / Mark Ladner


Welcome to Cookbook Corner, a place designed with the cookbook junkie in

mind or should we be politically correct and say cookbook collector.

Yes, you “love to cook” people are more than welcomed, we don’t

discriminate. For those of you who don’t know there is a foodie

underworld who read cookbooks, really reads cookbooks as if they are

novels. They have cookbook collections that range beyond what one

person can cook in a life time:...


What is your experience with dirty restaurant bathrooms?


I've seen some pretty bad restaurant bathrooms in my day. The ones with

no towels, no hand driers and you look around the room looking for

anything to dry your hands. At last you settle for the toilet paper

that crumbles into snow like pieces of air and half stick to your hand

that you can't shake off. The partially flushing toilet and the trash

can overflowing with paper, real turn offs. The soap all...


Recipes from a bygone age - fine dining on the rails


How we traveled in the past in the United States starts with horseback,

covered wagon and then the rails. From the trains, planes, buses and

automobiles our choices updated and became one with the times. Today we

are offered wi-fi options enabling us to surf the net on planes and

buses. What hasn’t gotten better is the food. Microwaved edibles,

sometimes unintelligible food stuffs, are served nowadays. Have you had

the yellow cheese stuff with...


Primal Grill and I helped


I was thinking how to kick off my blog experience here at Cookwork. I post almost every day at my own blog so I thought I have numerous stories that might be of interest. My work is diversified from working in a friend's kitchen to teaching social media to people in the food service industry to food styling. Today I am going to post about an earlier experience where I ended up being Steven Raichlen's...


The Four C’s of Food Safety

In the fight against bacteria in the food preparation area, there are 4 Steps to...

The All-Important Restaurant Pass? Is it all that Important?

The Pass   When we say “the pass”, many might misconstrue it for some sort...

Pork siomai w/ chili garlic sauce

My version of pork siomai paired with chili garlic sauce. cooking is really my passion,...

Yong Tau Foo : The Fish Fabulous

My house is next to the Doi Suthep, so I have a great view of...

Wagyu: In Search of the Best Steak

Since returning to Mckendricks Steak House in October of 2007 I knew I had a...
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