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Chefs Last Confession

created on: 04/15/11"It has been a while since my last confession."

I wonder if this is how it will start in the confessional?  Then it is followed by some, "You did what?" or "Son that is insane!" with a prescribed maximum issues for "Hail-mary" and "Our Fathers" to satisfy my debt.

You know I had to stop going to church, because I kept closing the place on Sunday nights and that was cutting into my "me time".  I had spent quite a few years reporting and paying my debt to God for the  unholy acts that I might run into on the street.  All-in-all, I would have to say that I was pretty carefree and happy, especially once I stopped going. 

For many years, I had long-forgotten about church or mass, until I found myself in a tux and standing before the man.  I remember saying that I would not return to this place except for maybe the really big events, you know an occasional Christmas or Easter service.

Yep, I got married.  I am not exactly sure who drug me to this place, but one thing was for sure… it was going to happen, and with witnesses. That is why your fiancée wants so many people there, it is predetermined in the "marital guidebook for ladies" how many she will need to keep you from fleeing, Chapter 3.  It's funny really, like a turning point. Marriage begot kids, kids became responsibilities (to someone other than myself) and then came the inevitable.

If you are still reading, then you know that the inevitable is your need for spiritual advice or guidance.  In my youth as a chef, I spent a lot of time avoiding God, and now in my more mature years… I find myself requesting strength. 

Do you think this is the natural order of things?

christian watson

christian watson
Jul 26, 2012 08:05 CDT

Great Coments guys.


Sep 24, 2011 09:09 CDT

I am the same havent been to church since I was 15.  Due to my feeling that I don't need to be surrounded by hypocrisy of the church (saw a priest molest a kid) to have a relationship with god.  I have done what I have done and have no regrets.  when i had my children, I gave them the choice to choose thier religon.  I'm not selfish or at the same time trying to be something I'm not.  Strength comes from within you. so does courage, patience, and a piece of mind.  only you can give yourself that..God help those who helped themselves.  at the same time as the saying goes in spanish "Dios apreta pero no ahorca..God chokes but don't aphyxaites"  Wish you well on spiritual Journey  :)


Sep 22, 2011 02:26 CDT

Sure it is.

With family and kids, we need more strength because we learn to be less selfish.

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christian watson
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