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So it Goes....

Or more appropriately - there it went!
  After all, it was only a job
  Still I fell hard, crushed under the weight of a slightly inflated ego and delusions of grandeur.
  I actually dressed for work and left the house for a week before I could swallow my shame and guilt and admit that I had 'lost' my job.
  Lost my job? It was only lost to me - to another it might be a perfect find
  But after going through my grief - "The only way out is through" a friend once told me - I find myself cleansed.
  Well, almost.
  So, the wheel has turned - but strangely I sense that the worm has turned as well; the one at the core of my spirit that has started a transformation of how I view myself in the world, my place in it - my responsibility to it and my actions within it.
  There's something big happening behind the scenes but I'm not allowed to part the curtain quite yet; I've a few more contracts with fellow souls to satisfy - for whatever the reason.
  I've been presented with an opportunity, for the second time,  with someone who I thought lost to me - and a chance to regain my own self respect.

 I'm going to take it, and run like hell

 'The meal', and the act of producing it is a sacrament dedicated to those that partake of it - and a blessing to those that cooked it that nothing else in this world can compare to.

 Be Proud, my brothers and sisters; and take good care of those in your care, even if for a moment.


Chef Adam M Lamb      Adam has over twenty years of food...
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