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Achieving Your Dreams



To laugh often and much,To win the respect of intelligent peopleAnd the affection of children,To earn the appreciation of honest criticsAnd endure the betrayal of false friends,To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others,To leave the world a bit better,Whether by a healthy child or a garden patch...To know that even one life has breathed easierBecause you have livedThis is to have succeeded!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

By Herman Cain




Focusing Your Dreams


By Herman Cain

In football, it's called a touchdownIn baseball, it's called a runIn basketball, it's called a basketAnd in both soccer and ice hockey, it's called a goal

In each game, the objective is the same - before time runs out, score more touchdowns, runs, baskets, or goals than your opponent. If you do, you win. The dream is to win.

Dreams in life may seem impossible. They are not. Impossible dreams are achieved...


Having a Cow About Steak Quality



Let's talk about steak for a moment. Was the last one you ate good? How about the one before that? Be honest.

The first bite, in all probability, was juicy and tender. Not bad. A brief hit of beefiness, enough to spur you on to bite No. 2. But by bite No. 4, there was a problem: grease. The tongue gets entirely coated in it. It is at this point that many...


The Four C’s of Food Safety

In the fight against bacteria in the food preparation area, there are 4 Steps to...

The All-Important Restaurant Pass? Is it all that Important?

The Pass   When we say “the pass”, many might misconstrue it for some sort...

Pork siomai w/ chili garlic sauce

My version of pork siomai paired with chili garlic sauce. cooking is really my passion,...

Yong Tau Foo : The Fish Fabulous

My house is next to the Doi Suthep, so I have a great view of...

Wagyu: In Search of the Best Steak

Since returning to Mckendricks Steak House in October of 2007 I knew I had a...
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