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chef Tom Minchella's Blog

"Heaven" Salted Buttered Bacon Gelato


I honestly loved taking the pictures and writing this post. Writing a post is much easier when you can prepare something that you love so much and you enjoy being able to take pictures and write about it. I love caramel, butter, cream and bacon. Since working with bacon from Eden Farms my relationship with bacon has changed. I use way too much bacon. This bacon is thick cut, smoked and as tender as...


Raspberry Napoleon


What was once old is new again!

This recipe was developed by Shaun Touchton who was the pastry chef at Mckendricks Steak House for many years. This raspberry napoleon is a very light dessert made of layers of baked puff pastry, white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries. The flavor and the lightness of the pastry and rich white chocolate mousse along with sweetness of the fresh fruit makes for a magical and wonderful dessert. Working at...


Belgium Fries


Working for Harold Ruttenburg, owner and operator of the Copper Grill in Birmingham was an experience like no other. Harold was eccentric, intense, difficult, focused and the hardest boss I have ever worked for. He was focused on the success of his restaurant and I learned a lot from him over the years.

As his chef I had to develop one of the most difficult recipes I have ever come across, Belgium fries. Harold had...


Baked Oysters with Eden Farms Bacon


When we opened Mckendricks 15 years ago we started out with a menu that was very basic. No real pizzazz of anything and as the months rolled by I would sit and trade menu ideas with Claudia Mckendrick. We tested menu ideas constantly, added new items to the menu and worked hard to quickly develop a brand. One item that has become a signature menu item is the Baked Oysters. Claudia came up with the idea...


Wagyu: In Search of the Best Steak


Since returning to Mckendricks Steak House in October of 2007 I knew I had a lot of work to do. I wanted to transform Mckendricks, return Mckendricks to one of the best steak houses in Atlanta. I wanted to bring Mckendricks to a new level, a level I could not even imagine. I did not know what the outcome would be or what the end result might be but I knew with my determination, ambition...


Heirloom Tomatoes


Early in the spring I would stop by the Sandy Springs Farmers Market in hopes of finding some large, red, juicy, local tomatoes. Because of last year’s bad weather in the south good tomatoes were very hard to come by. Heavy rains, freezing weather along with an early spring snow in south Florida prevented us from getting some great tomatoes. Yeah, sure local venders had tomatoes but they were not the tomatoes I am used...


Taking Better Food Pictures


Two new photos that I really don't like, but these dishes are fantastic if cooked correctly and the pictures are taken properly. The pictures are terribly off. I got so caught up in all the functions in the "M" mode ( manual mode) that I actually have no idea what I am doing. This will get better. Since purchasing my camera, the Canon Rebel EOS XSI, I have taken one class and really thought I...


Tale of Two Brownies "Part II"


As a child, I loved watching my Grandmother baking these delicious brownies. My Grandparents lived in a tiny cottage like summer home across the street from us, on over a hundred acres of a quiet mountaintop. To make extra money I would wake up early on Saturday mornings and head over to my Grandparents house to clean and do handy-work. As I worked on the list she gave me I would watch her in her...


Tale of Two Brownies "Part I"


This post actually has two parts. The first part is about my blog, the second is about my grandmothers chocolate brownies and the next post will be about her blond brownies. I started a blog about two months ago with absolutely now knowledge of what I was doing. I even wrote a post on my blog about my first blog. As I enjoy other food blogs, I noticed how crisp and clear their pictures were...


Alaskan Day boat Halibut


In the summer months when fresh day-boat Alaskan halibut becomes available, my taste buds begin to salivate. Halibut is most likely one of my favorite seafood of all time. As a young child fresh halibut reminds me of how my grandmother loved to treat her Grandchildren to dinner. I think taking us to dinner was more of a treat for her than for us. Being from a large family we did not have many opportunities...


A Perfect and Simple Pizza


I have tried many pizza dough recipes in the past and have had no luck finding a simple and good recipe until now. I started my quest with Wolfgang Puck's pizza dough. I made his dough over and over again but found the dough to be more like a cracker. The following recipe has a little more body to it. I tried letting the dough rise before and after placing the toppings on to give...


Summer Artichokes


Finally the artichoke season is here and when I see the beautiful large globes with tight leaves at the market it brings back memories of my childhood. Artichoke season means the beginning of summer and the chance to sit down with my family to enjoy the freshly steamed artichokes. As a child and being one of nine children we could only afford artichokes at the peak of the season because of the lower prices...


The Four C’s of Food Safety

In the fight against bacteria in the food preparation area, there are 4 Steps to...

The All-Important Restaurant Pass? Is it all that Important?

The Pass   When we say “the pass”, many might misconstrue it for some sort...

Pork siomai w/ chili garlic sauce

My version of pork siomai paired with chili garlic sauce. cooking is really my passion,...

Yong Tau Foo : The Fish Fabulous

My house is next to the Doi Suthep, so I have a great view of...

Wagyu: In Search of the Best Steak

Since returning to Mckendricks Steak House in October of 2007 I knew I had a...
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