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Cookwork is Looking for You!

Cookwork has great members.  I think this every time I log into the site.  There...

Profile Photo Drive

Hey Cookwork Chefs, I was speaking with a Cookwork member who told me an interesting...

Enter Recipes to Win an iPad2

Cookwork now has more than 5000+ recipes available for you to use.  They are there...

Cookwork Membership drive

Hello Chef!I want to remind you there are only a few days left in our...

Now that you’re here, what do you do first?

June 5th, 2010 Hello chefs, I have been happy to see so many new faces...

Do you have what it takes to get involved?

Hello Chef,   We are all chefs and that means that we have strong opinions...

Risotto Poll Is Ready!

Hello chefs! I want to thank everyone for participating in our latest poll.  It was...

Sweet September: Desserts for Chefs

I’ve heard that the most memorable parts of a meal are the appetizer and the...

In Case You Missed It

Cookwork has finished the first recipe upload contest for our members.  Members were given the...

Focus on the Holidays

  The busy season may be upon you despite your religious beliefs.  Most of the...

Chef Cwk


A Photographer in My Kitchen

I've been working in restaurants for nearly as long as I can remember. One of the things I take pride in is how good the plates look as they leave my kitchen so, when I was asked to provide some photos for an article about my restaurant I figured it was a no brainer. What was supposed to be a quick shot turned into an education about lighting, placement and the art of food...



Summer in the Kitchen

There is nothing like summer in a kitchen, especially summer in the kitchen of a small restaurant. The produce is so fresh and bountiful and the temperatures are so high.

I love summer because of how many fresh items are available to me from blueberries to ramps to soft-shell crabs. It’s a time when I feel I can be creative without boundaries. The days are longer, my customers seem more relaxed and I can open...



When Chefs Travel

This year I’m heading to Israel and Cyprus for vacation. While I have visions of Haloumi and Middle Eastern delicacies dancing in my head, my travel companions have already started lobbying for less time in restaurants and more time in museums.

Working in a restaurant means long hours over a stove. For me, this means that my time off serves a few functions. It helps me to relax. It helps me to clear my head. ...



Some Articles Worth Sharing

I recently went on a cleaning binge that led me to start reading all the food related articles friends have given me over the past few months. Some of them were quick, disposable reads but others included information that I have to share.

In December of 2011, the New York Times Book Review included a list of cookbooks, mostly written by chefs, that focused on home cooking. The article was long, the list is too...



Our Changing Tastes

Tastes change. You only have to look back to the styles of the 1970’s and 1980’s to see how true that is. What I’ve realized recently is how much my tastes have changed. When I was younger, there were certain flavors that just didn’t appeal to me: beets, blue cheese and hazelnuts to name a few. Now I crave these flavors.

I’ve often wondered how and why this happens. One theory I’ve heard is that...



Spring is Here

Spring has started with a bang this year. It seems hard to believe that the cherry trees by my house have already bloomed, as have many other fruit trees. While spring may have some men thinking thoughts of love, it has me thinking thoughts of ramps, asparagus and artichokes.

Now is the time when I dust off my menu and start doing more experimenting. There’s something about having more daylight and more access to produce...



Where's The Food News?

A peek under the tent: How you receive information on what’s happening in food.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it is that you suddenly read about certain foods or certain restaurants while others go unnoticed? Why is it that cupcakes were suddenly “hot” while traditional layer cakes languish? Welcome to the world of food editorial and the role of public relations.

There are many ways for you to receive information on food –...



In Case You Missed It

Cookwork has finished the first recipe upload contest for our members. Members were given the opportunity to compete by uploading their unique food service recipes to win an iPad2. It was a very close competiton, so we encourage all of our members to carefully read the directions and rules posted with future competitions.Now that my team has finished approving the qualifying recipes, we have identified one winner. Member Sandraoc, a culinary student from Portugal, is...



A Special Thanks

I want to thank all of our participating members for our 'first' recipe-upload-contest to Win an iPad2. My team is working diligently to tally the results and release the lucky winner. I appreciate all of your efforts in this competition and we look forward to more events in the future.For now, my team will be validating and approving all of the newly uploaded member recipes, so please stay tuned for the results. If you did...



Enter Recipes to Win an iPad2

Cookwork now has more than 5000+ recipes available for you to use. They are there to inspire you as you develop your menu.

Now you can help to inspire other Chefs on Cookwork by posting your recipes. During the month of June, we are asking each of our Member Chefs* to add their original recipes to our database. The Chef who uploads the most recipes will win an iPad2.

Here's how it works:

To enter, send a e-mail to with...


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