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Mini Desserts with Major Satisfaction

Diminutive treats are natural offshoots from the small-plates trend. Indeed, mini desserts, tapas, sliders, snack...

Stephanie Izard and Savory Dessert Profiles

Cookwork's Perspective   This installment of ‘savory flavor profiles’ may asst you to add some...

Top 10 health food trends for 2011

Cookwork's Perspective With the new year starting, it is no surprise that many consumers will...

Coffee and dessert - A perfect pair

Offer your customers a simple coffee and dessert program, and reap the sweet rewards. Discerning...

Strawberry Onions?

Cookwork Perspective:  Strawberry Onions?  These aren't a new crossing of strawberries and onions, they're Savannah...

The Importance of Knife Skills

Cookwork's Perspective The single most important skill any chef can have is knife skills.  These...

Lessons From the # 1 restaurant in the World

  Before chef René Redzepi opened Noma in Copenhagen in 2003, fellow chefs in Denmark...

6 More Reasons to “Heart” PEI Mussels

 Mussels, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Chefs love putting PEI...

The Nitty-Gritty about Salt

  Every 38 seconds someone in the U.S. dies due to cardiovascular diseases and every...

Make your own opportunity!

Gourmet Food Trucks Racing To Serve You Lunch Aspiring chefs usually have to prove their...



Millennial Favor Funkier Fats

Cookwork Perspective: There was a time when McDonald's fried all of their french fries in beef tallow. Now cooking with animal fats is making a come back. Are you on this trend?

You think you’ve got marketing challenges? Think what it’s been like for Coast Packing, a top supplier of lard and beef tallow, two products dietitians scorn as cholesterol producers of the first order. Coast’s new survey finds that these animal fats are making...



Do the Math: Food Waste Reduction

Cookwork Perspective: The environment and the environment impact of industrialized agriculture are leading drivers of food trends. Food Waste Reduction is growing in importance. How are you handling excess food where you work?

Reducing food waste could boil down to a mathematical equation as software developers decipher details to help food producers, retailers and foodservice operators solve the problem with data.

The scope of the problem is clear, with Americans tossing out the equivalent...



The Staying Powers Of Eggs

Cookwork Perspective: With ingredient costs on the rise, it is no wonder that eggs have continued to remain popular with consumers on all meal periods. How have you included eggs on your menu?

Egg Market's Not Cracking

Whether it's hard-boiled, over-easy, or poached; used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; or in baked goods or sauces, the egg is truly the MVP of the kitchen. Not surprisingly, penetration is extremely high and egg use remains steady...



Seattle Forager Inspires Others To Learn About Wild, Forgotten Foods

Cookwork Perspective: Some restaurants have begun to look to foragers for supplies of wild mushrooms and greens. Do you use this practice or are you wary of accidentally serving the wrong ingredients (with potentially fatal results)?

Seattle Forager Inspires Others To Learn About Wild, Forgotten Foods

For Langdon Cook, a walk in the woods isn't that different from a walk through the produce section of the supermarket. He's a writer, blogger and all-around outdoorsy type,...



Bites of History: Apple of love

Cookwork Perspective: Eggplant is so flavorful and abundant. It's also versatile and can be found in a variety of cuisines. How do you prepare it?

Bites of History: Apple of love

Ever wonder how the eggplant was named? This berry (yes, botanically it’s a berry) received its English name because the first known eggplants were small, white and oval and looked much like goose eggs.

Eggplant probably originated wild in Africa, but was first cultivated...



Offal Tale: For This Club, Everything Is on the Menu

Cookwork Perspective: Offal is big this year and seems to be getting bigger. Are you jumping on the "everything but the squeak" bandwagon?

Offal Tale: For This Club, Everything Is on the Menu

You'll never be a member of the Innard Circle if the likes of brains in black butter, Uzbek boiled spleen or Fujianese pig heart make you squirm.

Since 1999, an intrepid band of New York City foodies has been meeting about once...



America’s 10 best burgers

Cookwork Perspective: Burgers will always be among the best America has to offer. Here's one take on what the best of the best looks like.

America's 10 Best Burgers, According To National Geographic

As we've worked our way through National Geographic's "The 10 Best Of Everything," we've stepped into the best historic homes, taken in the best cathedrals, stood in awe of the best world heritage sites, shown off our own best national parks, set...



Apéritif Cocktails

Cookwork Perspective: Lower alcohol aperitifs are growing in popularity in the US. Now they are beginning to appear in mixed drinks on menus.

Apéritif Cocktails

Forget about big, boozy cocktails. Increasingly, you’ll find apéritifs in the glass. Consumers are seeking out easy-drinking cocktails with less alcohol (and yes, fewer calories). Coincidentally, a flurry of delightful spirits with relatively gentler proofs is reaching U.S. markets.

Mixologists are responding to this perfect storm of supply and demand...



Sales of squid triple as calamari becomes barbecue hit of summer

Cookwork Perspective: Barbecued squid is growing in popularity in the UK. It is easy to cook and has nutritional benefits - a double benefit.

Sales of squid triple as calamari becomes barbecue hit of summer

Sales of squid have tripled in recent months due to the growing popularity of Mediterranean food and the rise of the Dukan diet, as calamari looks set to become the barbecue hit of the summer.

Supermarkets say that the ease...



Got mint? Make the most of the bountiful plant

Cookwork Perspective: Take advantage of the versatility of mint on your menu.

Got mint? Make the most of the bountiful plant

It’s easy to grow mint in Texas — it’s the rare plant that can take over a summer garden. The challenge for home cooks is finding uses for the mint surplus.

Here’s a tip: Treat mint like cilantro or basil — the latter is in the same family — and you’ll find many more...


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