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1. How do I add a friend?

There are multiple ways for you to add a friend:

1) In the Recipe section: When you view a member’s recipe, on the right side of the member’s profile picture click on >Request Friendship.

2) In the Community section: click on >Users. Inside there is a list with all of Cookwork’s members. Below their names there is a >Request Friendship button. Click on it and a request will be sent to that member.



2. I was invited to be in a group. What does that mean? Is it free?

Cookwork’s members can form their own Groups inside our Community section and debate the topics they are passionate about. Groups are divided into public and private. If you have been invited to a group, it means that one of our members’ thinks that you would benefit from checking out the content inside or giving your own input.

Joining a public or private group is free!


3. Someone invited me to become his/her friend. What does that mean?

If you accept another member’s friend request inside Cookwork, this will give you the access to their profile, you can check out the recipes they have made available to their friends and interact with them.


4. How do I remove a friend?

Go to >My account on the top right hand corner of the page. Under MENU you’ll find the >FRIENDS section. If you go inside a list of your friends on Cookwork will show up. In front of each of your friends there is a button to >Remove This Friendship. By clicking on it you’ll take that member out of your Accepted Friendships list and into your Denied Friendships. The same will happen to the friend...


5. How do I start a Blog?

Go to the >Community section of the website and on the top between Round Table and Groups you’ll see Blogs. If you click on >Blogs, inside on the right hand side of the page you’ll see a button that reads >START YOUR BLOG. Choose a title, write the post and upload a picture to go with it if you want and you’ll be blogging away!


6. How do I change the Visibility settings of my blogs?

You can always change who you allow to see your blogs. You can choose between no one, just your friends, Cookwork’s community, groups or the web. To change these settings first you’ll have to go to the >COMMUNITY section. Inside click on >BLOGS. On the right side of the page, click on >Manage Blog Posts. Inside there will be a list of your blogs. On the top where it says >Visibility click on it...


7. How do I join a group?

Groups inside Cookwork are divided between public and private groups.

1- Public Groups. To join a public group go to the >Community section of Cookwork. On the top of the page between BLOGS and USERS you’ll find GROUPS. Click on >GROUPS. Inside, you’ll find a list of the existing groups inside Cookwork. Notice that each group has its own name and that in front of that name it is defined if it is Public...


8. How do I create a Group?

To create a Group go to the >COMMUNITY section and click on >GROUPS. Inside, under Menu click on >Create New Group. Give your group a title and a brief description, add a photo if you want and choose if you want your group to be public or private. Don’t forget to click on >Create to save it!


9. Why can’t my friends see my blogs?

If your friends cannot see your blog posts it is probably because on your Visibility Settings you are not allowing them to see them.

Please see: How do I change the Visibility settings of my blogs?

If your friends can’t see your blogs please send us an e-mail to:


10. How do I add a video to the Community’s Round Table section?

If you want to post or add a video to an ongoing discussion in Round Table, please go to the top or bottom of the page and click on >Reply. A box will show up for you to leave your comment. To add a video, on that box click on this button. After that follow these simple steps.

1) First you’ll have to copy the URL link of the video you want to add...



11. How do I post a video on a Group I’ve joined?

To post a video inside a Group you belong to, click on the >Message you would like to add a video to. Inside the message on the top of the page on the right you’ll find the >Reply link. A box will show up for you to leave your comment. To add a video, on that box click on this button . After that follow these simple steps.

1) First you’ll have to copy...


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