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1. How do I change the Visibility Settings on my News Posts?

When writing a News Post, you'll notice that on the bottom you have a Visibility button. This is where you can choose who you want to see your News Post. You can choose between: Share with no one, with friends, with the community, with groups or the web. Don't forget to click on >Save once you've finished writing your post!



2. How do I upload a video in the Red Hot News section?

When writing a news post you can add a video to go with it. To do so, just follow these simple steps.

1) Copy the selected video’s URL link from the video hosting website (Eg: Youtube)

2) When writing your post, under Body Text you’ll see this button

Click on it.

3) A window will show up and where it says File/URL, paste the link you’ve copied. Click >INSERT. Your video should...


3. How do I write a news post?

To write a news post go to the >Red Hot News section. Inside on the right side of the page you’ll see the link >Write a News Post. Inside you can write a news article and upload a picture or a video to go with it. Decide who you want to share your post with under Visibility and choose between Draft or Publish. Don’t forget to click on >Save. One of our Community Managers...


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