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1. How do I create a Job Profile?

To create your Job Profile:

If you have a CV (MS Word, PDF, Jpeg, etc):

1) Click on >My account on your top right hand corner. Inside, under MENU click on >MY JOB PROFILE.

2) Fill out the required fields inside and when you’re finished click on >Next

3) If you have a CV that you want to upload, on this page click on >Choose File.

4) Click on >Finish

If you don’t have a...


2. How do I apply for a Job?

First, fill out a Job Profile .Once your Job Profile is ready, go to the >Careers section. There you will find a list of jobs that are currently available. If you see any Job Post that interests you, click on it. Inside there will be a description of the company and job position. If you feel you are the right person for the job, on the bottom of the page click on >APPLY and fill out...


3. Can’t find an interesting Job Post right now, but how do I leave my info with you?

Please fill out your Job Profile so your personal and professional information is kept in our database. Keep looking on our Job Board and we hope you find the perfect position for you soon!


4. How do I upload my CV/Resume?

To upload your CV/resume, fill in your Job Profile. Inside you will be able to upload your CV/Resume and attach a Cover Letter.


5. How do I post a job?

To post a job please go to the >Careers section. Inside, on the top right hand corner of the page, under the Cookwork logo you’ll find the >POST VACANCY link. Inside please fill out the necessary information on the type of Job you are offering and your requirements for the candidates who apply.


6. What is an advice post? How do I write one?

An advice post is an opinion or experience that our members share with the rest of the community. An advice post shows up on our Community section under Jail Break (pros and cons of opening your own restaurant), Going Abroad (personal and professional implications of moving to another country) and Employer Zone.

To write your own Advice post, go to >My account on the top right hand side of your screen. Inside, under MENU, click...



7. How do I add a video to my advice post?

To add a video to an advice post please follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Copy the selected video’s URL link from the video hosting website (Eg: Youtube)

2) When writing you’re advice post, under Body Text you’ll see this button

Click on it.

3) A window will show up and where it says File/URL, paste the link you had copied. Click >INSERT. Your video should appear in the Body Text area.



8. Who can see my Job Profile?

The information contained in your Job Profile is kept private and the Career Management Team here at Cookwork has access to it.


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