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Eneron is located at the heart of Silicon Valley. It was founded by veterans in technology to provide energy solutions to the most basic cooking process in the world—a pot over a fire.

Range top cooking using combustion heat sources is a major cooking process in commercial kitchens and in half of the residential households in the US today. However the energy utilization from the heat source is poor. Eneron's technology solutions enable a patent pending ‘Turbo Pot’ that improves the energy utilization efficiency by up to 50%. This technical achievement was independently verified by California's PG&E Foodservice Technology Center and other utility companies. Recently Eneron received the 6th Innovative Products Award from Flex Your Power, and the 2009 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association.

With this new tool in kitchen, Eneron enables commercial foodservice operators to improve productivity and to save energy use. The improvement of energy efficiency not only provides significant savings for business owners who are facing ever rising energy prices, but also has substantial social benefits. There are over 1.2 million commercial range burners in the US. Just using one Turbo Pot on each of the ranges will result in a savings 420 million therms of gas energy and the corresponding 5.02 billion pounds of CO2 emission reduction- and this is just for the US commercial market alone.


Our Earth is still beautiful—Let's start using the Turbo Pot to help keep it this way.


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