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Discover Mussels


• Natural Food Supply: Canadian cultured mussels feed on natural food particles, which are present in the water column and do not require feed.  They get all their nourishment naturally, from the pristine ocean waters that surround them while they grow.


• Natural Seed Collection: In Canada, our mussel seed is collected naturally on ropes suspended in the water and is considered a positive benefit on water quality. Mussels also help reduce greenhouse gases by removing carbon dioxide from the ocean in order to grow their shells.

• Clean and Monitored Waters: Our waters are pristine and monitored regularly to the highest Canadian and international standards. We only grow mussels in clean, approved and classified waters for farm grow out. Our Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program ensures that our waters are tested regularly to ensure the coastal waters are clean and mussels are free of any toxins.
• Environmentally Responsible: Great care is taken to preserve the environment surrounding mussel farms. Our mussels are farm-raised on ropes hung in the ocean. This ensures that there is no dredging or disturbance of the ocean floor. The industry follows extensive site selection procedures and integrated coastal management planning with coastal stakeholders.
• Farmed with Care: Canadian mussel producers respect their mussels and have excellent farming practices that optimize the health of the mussels. Great care goes into operating practices and use of equipment to protect the animals and the environment. Mussel farming is endorsed by environmental groups such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, Audubon, SeaChoice, Oceanwise and Eco-Fish.
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