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Chef Pak



CHEF PAK™ is a high-value, sporty backpack that can easily accommodate all the needs of a chef or
culinary student. CHEF PAK™ was designed by professional chefs who wanted a better way to carry
all their tools without using multiple bags or cases.

Each backpack comes equipped with a customized knife case that fits firmly in the back pocket and
can hold up to 9 knives. While other backpacks or knife cases have limits, the CHEF PAK™ is specially
designed to hold the knife case, multiple cooking tools, chef uniforms, first-aid kit, laptop computer,
instruction books, and much more.

The tools are easily accessible and the unique design of the bag creates a lighter load and ensures
safety for the user. Once you utilize the CHEF PAK™ we are confident that you will appreciate the
unique difference and unmatched convenience.

No other backpack is exclusively designed or specifically equipped for chefs, in size or utility, to carry all of their gear.

CHEF PAK™ is patent pending.


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