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Grace Palado's Blog

Chefs on the Rail: Culinary's Conscious Choice


As the old

saying goes, there is only one thing constant in this world; and that is

change! As all the elements of human environment fluctuate, cultural, social

and economic deviations happen instantaneously in every industry...even culinary.

With the advent

of high unemployment, company size trends, and remote working arrangement, an

assessment of the current situation and the changing developments makes it

clear that career opportunities lie in long wait for candidates in the culinary




Cooking can be as stressful as what you can imagine. Chefs who are working 12 to 13 hours a day, 6-7 days a week is no joke! But how do chefs get their inspiration in cooking exceptional food if they are tired and burn-out? Tell us what you think and join the discussion!




Chefs, in general, aspires to expand their culinary adeptness and expertise globally. As they cross all challenges and face every battle concerning life of a Chef in a foreign country, join the discussions specifically the "LIFE OF A CHEF" regarding living abroad. Let your voices be heard and together let's make a difference!


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