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Chef Nathan Sanford's Blog

Holding crispy chicken is no easy task… Trust me.


One of the biggest problems faced with holding chicken is the skin. The skin, just like a bad poker player, can have tells. These “tells” can show when that piece of chicken has been held for an extended amount of time. Discoloring, soggy or dry, rubbery, are all tells the skin gives showing just how long it has been in a heated holding box. As a research chef, I set out to find out...


The Prime Rib


It’s incredibly amazing how much information there is to learn about food. I’m not even talking about the never ending combinations of flavors. I am preparing for a small instructional video where I will be talking about FWE’s new Cook & Hold oven. Their bread and butter, as it were, is cooking perfect “Prime Rib”. Delicious!

It’s a pretty easy task with not a whole lot to discuss. That also leaves me with not...


Par Cook & Hold with a Clymate IQ


Ok so this is a little strange to me. I have heard people taking NY Strip steaks and par cooking them in holding equipment. So I gave it a try to see what would happen. I set up our holding cabinet (a Clymate IQ) to 135F with 90% relative humidity. placed some steaks in it and probed them to watch the temps. In about 30min the steaks were holding tight at 130F. I let them...


The Four C’s of Food Safety

In the fight against bacteria in the food preparation area, there are 4 Steps to...

The All-Important Restaurant Pass? Is it all that Important?

The Pass   When we say “the pass”, many might misconstrue it for some sort...

Pork siomai w/ chili garlic sauce

My version of pork siomai paired with chili garlic sauce. cooking is really my passion,...

Yong Tau Foo : The Fish Fabulous

My house is next to the Doi Suthep, so I have a great view of...

Wagyu: In Search of the Best Steak

Since returning to Mckendricks Steak House in October of 2007 I knew I had a...
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