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Why my blog is not always clear?

My name is Adar Kaplan - Mor

I am a chef and culinary consultant in Israel.
I write all these blog entries, out of familiarity with the culinary market - developing Israel.

Basically, I write the Hebrew materials for professionals here in Israel but I want to give exposure to these materials is also out to Israel.
I guess you people not very different things.

I apologize in advance, English is not my mother tongue and I use Google Translate, it often translates things do not really understand but it is good.
If there's anything I write or I have written before and did not make sense - I'd like to translate it again.

We're all in the same field and must see things in a similar manner or through the same experiences.

Of course,
I write this for professionals likely to encounter similar problems or those deliberations day - Monday.

Important for me to say (write) I'm glad to be here and make my voice heard,
I thank the site owners that give us the option to share here.



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